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5 hours ago
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brushpen inktober High Quality

On my way to work, I came across this kid about 4 years of age who was passionately arguing on her phone; she was waving her hand about, as if she was legitimately pissed off at somebody. I did a double take when I realised that her “phone” was actually a pink lip gloss container, and that she was just pretending to be pissed off on the phone. What!

Day 2 for #inktober is done with a refillable felt-tip #brushpen I bought from Daiso.

My drawing for the first day of #inktober is inspired by my lack of hair trimming skills, and my demonstration of stupidity by continuing to cut my fringe to “even it out” thus making it even shorter. Now my fringe is above my eyebrows and that is just unacceptable. :c

4 days ago
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Justin has a massive hangover. As he suffers, I do the right thing and draw him.

3 weeks ago
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Quick #sketch with #pastels before bed

More #isometric #illustrations inked

1 month ago
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brushpen isometric illustration ink High Quality

Preview #ink work with a #brushpen for MTV exit (campaign against human trafficking). Each #illustration is #isometric and there are 5 in the series.

2 months ago
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brushpen ink High Quality

#ink quickie warmup for the day, got lots of work to catch up on. This one is made with a pentel pocket #brushpen

1 minute sketch of a business man wearing a feather boa and a business lady with a feather fan for #burlesque life drawing

2 months ago
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dessert cupcake brushpen High Quality

Having some #dessert with the #brushpen early morning before I head off to work. Mmmm #cupcake …. hungry :c